Almost 7 decades of

Café Guidalli

In 2017, Café Guidalli celebrates our 66th anniversary. Of continuous improvement to take the best unparalled taste of true Brazilian coffee to your table. Exquisite aroma, texture and flavor.




Three consecutive times National Quality Champion by ABIC!

Italian immigrant Ernesto Guidalli left Caxias do Sul, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, and establishes in the city of Lages, state of Santa Catarina, his business called “Torrefação e Moagem Ernesto Guidalli e Filhos”. With the passing time the company grew, expanding its area of reach and assuming the name “Café Guidalli” in the fifties.

Today, Café Guidalli is in its fourth generation and occupies a privileged position in the Brazilian coffee industry, having been elected for three consecutive times National Quality Champion by ABIC, the Brazilian Association of the Coffee Industry. For this to become a reality, the company always focused on our customers, releasing new products, keeping the high quality in our production process and constantlt adapting our coffee to the needs of the consuming market.